Frequently asked questions
Here we answear most of the questions we get.

Our unique HIPSEAT BOB baby carrier is super comfortable both for you and your baby. It is ergonomically designed to absorb baby´s weight and to minimize the cause of back pain when holding a baby. We tend to hold babies by resting baby on the side of our hips causing us to twist our spine. With our HIPSEAT BOB your baby’s weight is distributed evenly on the seat and not your hips, which allows you to carry your baby significantly longer, protecting your back. It also encourages a natural sitting position and ensures healthy hip development.

Double shoulder attachment transfers your HIPSEAT BOB into a traditionally structured carrier (when you want to be handsfree). It goes over both shoulders and gives you 3 more ways to carry your baby, including forward-facing and back carry. Single shoulder attachment goes over one of your shoulders and transforms HIPSEAT BOB into a ring sling carrier allowing you to carry your baby on your side. With the single shoulder attachment the baby has more freedom to look around. We recommend to start using it from 6 months.

ERGO HIPSEAT BOB ALLin1 is for babies from newborn to 2-3 years of age depending on the baby´s weight (from 3,5kg up to 15kg). We recommend to start using the Double shoulder attachment when your baby has strong neck and head control that happens around 4 months. Single shoulder attachment we recommend from 6 months. Forward-facing from 6 months and back carry from around 8 months.

HIPSEAT BOB is safe for both, you and your baby. High waist belt gives you extra lumbar support and even distribution of the baby´s weight protects your back. Our hipseats ensures correct "M" positioning of the baby´s legs which means that they ensure healthy hip development.

For Europe HIPSEAT BOB meets the EN 71-3. Globally and for Europe meets the EN 13209-2:2005. HIPSEAT BOB is recognized by BCIA - Baby Carrier Industry Alliance.

It is super easy to put HIPSEAT BOB on as you wrap it around your waist and click the safety buckle in seconds.

It is very easy to clean it as it is made of stain resistant polyester, just use wet cloth. HIPSEAT BOB is Machine washable, wash on gentle cycle and air dry.

Yes, you can and it is super easy.

Yes, it is possible, but we recommend you to consult with your doctor as everybody´s pregnancy is different.

We pride ourselves in excellent customer service. If you have any questions to answear, issues to solve, or you simply want to return any of our products, please contact us at mattelaeu@gmail.com.

Usually delivery time is between 2 to 5 working days depending on the destination.

There is a 2-year product warranty and it covers any manufacturer defects. We are happy to replace any defective products. Please email us mattelaeu@gmail.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible (no more than 48 hours).

If you are interested in our wholesale price list, please email us mattelaeu@gmail.com.

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